More Than Merry Christmas


It’s that time of year again.  The days are growing shorter, people are catching colds and flus, and end of the year holiday parties are happening in homes and workplaces across the world.  We talk a lot about adapting to an increasingly globalized world, so how do you celebrate the holidays at work when your […]

Bilingual Brain Boost


New Research Points to Increased Cognitive Abilities of the Bilingual In our increasingly globalized world, being bilingual or multilingual has distinct advantages.  Being able to speak more than one language is beneficial for your business and professional ambitions.  When you learn a second language, you can meet new people and travel to new places.  In […]

Navajo Language Fluency a Key Factor in Election


The issue of fluency in Navajo has brought national attention to an unfamiliar electoral race. The midterm elections in the United States happen every four years in the middle of each four year Presidential term.  These elections will be happening next week across the country and will effect local, state, and national positions.  You may […]

CORE English Language Services: Modal Verbs Part 2

CORE ELS: Modal Verbs Part 2 In last week’s article, we learned that modal verbs are a unique class of verbs used to indicate possibility, necessity, ability, etc. We learned the differences between “can” and “could” and “may” and “might”. Today we continue to examine modal verbs by focusing on the modal verbs “must” and […]

Expats Survival Guide to the USA: Driving in America


Expats Survival Guide to the USA A CORE blog series for expatriates Driving in America As I noted in our previous article, many expats have told me that it’s hard to get around in America without a car. Often times public transit is sparse or non-existent and taxis can be expensive and inconvenient. Although many […]