Mission Trip


The purpose of this program is to help participants communicate with those they will be ministering to while involved in church mission trips. Classes will include instruction in common vocabulary and phrases needed for normal daily activities as well as vocabulary necessary to discuss religious topics. Students will also learn about the different aspects of […]

Language of Business

Companies and organizations like Bosch, BMW, Hitachi, Boeing, SKF and Port Authorities are using various languages to communicate and conduct business. Foreign language classes in Charleston are quickly becoming the best way to get ahead and grow your small or large business. Whether on a large or small-scale, business is not English specific. Although Business English […]

Want to Learn a Language in Greenville?


CORE Languages is now at home in Greenville, S.C.! With a brand new office located at 28 Global Dr., Suite 101, Greenville, Sc 29607, CORE Languages offers the Greenville area all the same language services of its headquarters in Charleston, S.C. Any business or anyone in Greenville who wants to learn a foreign language can contact CORE […]

CORE Languages ist die Deutsche Schule für Sie

Sprechen Sie Deutsch

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?  Do you speak German? If you would like to learn German or improve on what you already know, then you are in the right place.  CORE Languages offers classes at its two locations: Greenville, South Carolina and Charleston, South Carolina.  Age levels for classes range from our CORE Kidz classes ages 3 […]

Foreign Languages Improve Communication Skills

Executives, employees at all levels and their spouses, students, trainees, and even small and large businesses around the world are learning foreign languages to improve their communication skills. The most popular languages are English, Spanish, German, Chinese, French and Russian. While many individuals are choosing to learn a language using various apps, software programs and […]