Why You Should Learn Spanish in Greenville


A few weeks ago on this blog, we discussed reasons to learn German in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Today, we’ll look at how learning Spanish in Greenville, South Carolina, can boost your business prospects and cultural understanding of the area. In making the case for Greenville, the numbers tell the story. Immigrants make up just about 5% of […]

Learn These 100 Words to Speak Another Language


There are no two ways about it: starting to learn a new language is daunting. Some of the most widely spoken languages in the world have over 200,000 words in their lexicon — it would take years to memorize and confidently use every single one. So, what’s a language learner to do? That’s where a useful trick comes […]

5 Useful Travel Phrases to Learn in Another Language


If you’re traveling abroad to a country where you don’t speak the primary language fluently, you’ll likely want to pick up a few key phrases before getting off the plane. Of course, it’s helpful to know how to say basic greetings, express gratitude, indicate ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and ask where the bathroom is — and showing your […]

3 Ways to Help Your Employees Master a Foreign Language

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In previous posts, we’ve addressed the benefits of learning a foreign language for your business: gaining proficiency in another language can give your company an advantage in new markets, expand your professional network, and strengthen your hiring pool. Offering language learning opportunities to employees can enhance their engagement with the company and loyalty to your brand, and equip […]

Expo 2015: Why You Should Start Learning a New Language This Weekend


Today—May 1, 2015—marks the opening of Expo Milano 2015, the six-month world’s fair focused on sustaining the planet and feeding its growing population. Yes, world’s fairs do still exist—they’re now called “Universal Expositions” and in fact, they’re bigger than ever. The Expo 2015 grounds in Milan, Italy, feature over one million square meters of exhibition […]