Why You Should Learn German in Detroit


Detroit boasts the largest population in Michigan and the Metro Detroit area, home to over five million people, is one of the top fifteen largest metropolitan areas in the United States. Michigan is also consistently among the top ten states in terms of exports, totaling some $60 billion in annual exports from the transportation equipment, machinery, chemicals, […]

3 Health Benefits of Learning a Foreign Language


Learning a foreign language is both a personally and professionally enriching undertaking. In addition to boosting your job prospects, growing your business, and enhancing your travel experiences, you can add improving your health to the list of benefits associated with language learning. Here are three major health benefits of learning a foreign language. Stronger Memory and Delayed Onset […]

Why You Should Learn German in Atlanta


Atlanta, Georgia, sits at the center of one of the top ten largest metropolitan regions in the United States, with a population exceeding five million people. Metro Atlanta is home to the world’s most-traveled airport and has been ranked among the top 25 global cities of the future and as one of the world’s leading cities for foreign investment. […]

5 Common Language Learning Mistakes (And How to Fix Them)


Language learning is, by definition, all about mistakes: You simply can’t learn to speak, read, and write a new language without making mistakes, and lots of them. But the mistakes that get you down on a daily basis — plurals in German, gender in French, tones in Mandarin — are minor errors. We want to talk […]

Why You Should Learn Spanish in Boston


One of the oldest cities in the United States, Boston is the capital of Massachusetts and the seat of a bustling metropolitan area with nearly five million residents. Boasting one of the top ten economies in the country and one of the top fifteen in the world, Boston is also poised to continue its rise […]