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From matching you with the perfect instructor, to managing scheduling and payments, to tracking your course progress, CORE Languages is there 100% of the way so that you can focus on learning a foreign language.
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Private Class Pricing

*for Businesses, please provide an HR or Purchasing contact for quote

10 hours of class

Package for 10 hours of private French classes for a total of $650

Includes one course textbook

25 hours of online class

Package for 25 hours of online French classes for a total of $1125

Includes one course textbook

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Personal Classes

  • General Public French Classes

    Learning a foreign language is key in today’s globally-driven society. Whether you are seeking to improve your language skills for personal or professional reasons, CORE Languages can help you find the right class for your needs. We offer adult (and family) language classes nationwide in several of the world’s most commonly spoken languages, and our network of certified language teachers offers top quality instruction at an affordable rate.  Interested in learning a foreign language other than French?

For Businesses

  • Powered for Business

    CORE’s foreign language classes are led by certified, experienced language instructors and are designed to develop effective speaking, reading, and communication skills in your target language. We offer private, small group, and online language classes, as well as options to specialize in business, technical, or conversational topic areas.  For further information on CORE Languages' robust, customizable business solutions for corporate clients working in the international arena, visit our dedicated business services page.

Online Classes

  • Classes Anywhere and Anytime

    At CORE Languages, we do online learning differently. We believe that interaction is critical to achieving optimal results in language study, especially in the early stages of learning a new language, and so we’ve designed our online French classes accordingly. We guarantee your satisfaction with our distance learning training program through our instructor-led online French classes, all of which are taught in real time.

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Why Learn French?

kids summer campFrench is one of the most popular languages to learn among the romance languages and originally derives from Latin. Due to French being the largest donor of foreign words in the English language, learning French will greatly enhance your English vocabulary. For many centuries, France was the leading power of Europe, being the language of European


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CORE Languages is always looking for talented individuals. Positions can be part-time or full-time.  

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