Why CORE Languages?

Here at CORE, we have been in the business of helping others to communicate across borders for over a decade. We specialize in live one-on-one foreign language classes, both online and face-to-face. Do you want to pick up some German before heading to Vienna for vacation? Work on your Spanish to interact better with employees? Get your grades up in French? We're here to help. 

Learn a foreign language from the pros.

Going abroad and want to brush up on a foreign language before you travel? Sign up for a package and we'll get you ready for your trip. Whether you want to be able to start up a conversation, become armed with key survival phrases, or just get a general idea of how to navigate the culture, our teachers are ready for you so your trip goes as smoothly as possible, and you can enjoy it without having to worry about the details.

Need to work on your language skills for business purposes? We have a multitude of highly-skilled teachers who specialize in various forms of technical terminology, for anything from medical to legal and manufacturing purposes. They can help you learn the vocabulary and master it so that you can use the terms seamlessly like a native.


See what others are saying about their experience with CORE.

  • I'm a total francophile, and I've always wanted to learn French! One day I finally decided to just do it. I signed up for 8 lessons per month with CORE. It was way harder than I thought, but six months later I can carry on a basic conversation pretty easily. I have a long way to go to fluency, but the 8-hour monthly package has really helped me keep it up and not lose progress.
    Julie, New York
  • CORE Languages is a great service. I work in a business with a lot of employees who speak Spanish. I wanted to communicate with my boss and co-workers in their native language, so I decided to find a personal tutor through CORE Languages. With the help of CORE I was able to craft a schedule that would help me reach my goal of proficiency and surprised all my co-workers one day. It was such a success that my boss decided to start on-site group classes through CORE. The classes have been great, and we’ve all grown closer.
    Alan, Michigan
  • I live in the middle of nowhere! I'm so glad I found a teacher I really like, and I don't have to drive 50 miles to see. It's awesome to be able to learn German from my desk. I'm going to Berlin for my 20 year anniversary in June, and I'm glad I figured out how to say "ein Bier, bitte!"
    Josh, Montana
  • I needed foreign language credits for my BA, and I’m definitely more of a “math” person. I found CORE Languages and signed up for some sessions. My teacher has a lot of students like me, and helped me look at learning Spanish a different way. I’ve been seeing my scores improve for sure!
    Melissa, Kentucky

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Give us a call at 888-319-CORE during regular business hours (Monday to Friday 9-5 EST), or talk to us in the live chat below. A CORE representative will be happy to assist you and address any concerns you might have.