To offer our clients a more well-rounded mode of evaluation beyond attendance, we’ve also developed what we call the CORE Score.

This metric, unique to CORE Languages, measures four components that are critical to success in a training program:

Cumulative attendance — the baseline measurement of participation in the course

Opinion sharing — completion of surveys, for idea sharing with peers, teachers, and administrators

Results from assessments and checkpoints — formal grades and assignments

Engagement with course resources — including preparation for and participation in and outside of class

The CORE Score is one of the reasons our clients tell us they chose to work with us over our competitors. We’ve been thrilled to hear feedback that by taking into account multiple ways that students learn and show interest in a course, the CORE Score provides more useful information than the cut-and-dry pass/fail marks or numeric assessment grades offered by other language training companies. We look forward to continuing to introduce new ways of using technology to hone our program monitoring metrics and provide value to our corporate clients.

As a human-centered, data-driven company, every CORE Languages corporate package is customizable to meet your needs — including multiple options for the type and frequency of report delivery. Contact us today to learn more and receive a custom quote that will help you reach your strategic goals.

As a company, CORE Languages focuses on people: our clients, our students, and our instructors.

We are proud to work with companies who are industry leaders and who recognize the value of providing relevant, thorough language and intercultural training benefits for relocating associates and accompanying family members. We hire instructors who are experienced, dedicated professionals who care deeply about their students and their learning experiences, both in and out of the classroom. We focus on engaging and enriching our students because we know that their success in language and intercultural training improves business outcomes for our clients — and helping our clients maximize their potential in the global arena is at the heart of our mission.


Being data-driven and embracing technology enables CORE Languages to achieve these parallel goals. With more than a decade of experience building and managing corporate language and intercultural training programs, we’ve also seen what works and what doesn’t, and we’re constantly improving to make our training models leaner and more effective.


We know that class attendance is the top — and often the only — metric that most companies look at to evaluate student success. But attendance is a one-dimensional figure that often fails to fully represent the effort and progress of many of our students, who may be high-level employees with demanding schedules. Like our competitors, we monitor attendance at every class session, but we use that information as a starting point, rather than a final assessment. In fact, that’s exactly where our student success platform comes in, allowing us to send targeted messages to students whose attendance data indicates they might need additional support.


Here’s how it works. To better support our students, CORE instructors have developed web-based, interactive content from their language training curricula that students can access outside of class time. If a student is marked in our system as not attending a class that focused on the present perfect tense, the student success platform sends that student an automated message with a link to a corresponding lesson, which can be completed on the student’s own time. The platform also allows us to securely and non-invasively track student engagement with the supplemental course material on our website, so we know if, and how often, students are studying or practicing outside of class. These data points show clients how and when their employees are using their language training benefits, and gives our teachers the ability to make sure students are staying engaged throughout their course.


We work with talented instructors and trainers who are passionate about teaching and empowering others. We view ourselves as an extension of our clients’ training management teams, working hand-in-hand to build, customize, and skillfully execute programs that meet their organization’s needs.


We believe that learning another language is empowering and rewarding. Our work enriches the life experiences of our students by providing the gifts of communication, intercultural understanding, and professional travel opportunities.


We provide outstanding support to our instructors so they can focus on their craft and bring creativity to each class they teach. To best support our students, we offer the convenience of on-site courses and pursue a realistic, data-grounded approach to teaching and engaging adults with demanding schedules.


We commit ourselves to continual self-evaluation to ensure that our programs have strategic, meaningful goals and achieve desired results for our clients. We think outside the box and employ technology in developing new and effective methods of program evaluation.


We embrace data as a tool to enhance student and program success, and we prioritize data security and privacy. We generate meaningful client reports that provide useful, accessible data points and make our clients more nimble in their decision making.