INTERPRETATION RATES (Valid until Dec 31st, 2019)
2hr-minimum (in person)
1hr-minimum (phone, video, online)

Language Selection and Base Rates

  • Spanish

    $80.00 per hour

  • All other languages

    $100.00 per hour

Add Ons: Time Frame

  • Within 24 hours/1 business day

    +$40.00 per hour

  • Within 48-24 hours/2 business days

    +$20.00 per hour

Add ons: Special Requirements

  • Legal and Medical and Additional Certifications

    +$40.00 per hour

Sample: Spanish Project in 24hrs, Court Certification required:
$80 (standard rate) + $40 (24-hour fee) + $40 (Cert. fee) = $160/hr

*Please note: Legal or medical certification or qualification availability varies by language

You will receive an invoice for the estimated cost of the requested event. Invoices expire 1 hour after sending. 100% of the invoice total is due to initiate project.


By accepting our Invoice, you agree to our terms and conditions, and to the following cancellation policy (sent with invoice)

  • Cancellation 24-hours or more: You will receive a 50% refund of invoice total.
  • Cancellation 24-hours or less: You are responsible for 100% of invoice total.
  • In the rare and unlikely event that CORE Languages is unable to find a teacher for you 24-hours prior to the event, you are refunded 100%.

*Notice provided relative to time and date of interpreting event.